We have been spending the last few weeks getting ready to go. Narayan-mar is north of the Arctic Circle, so we are expecting the weather to be cold. So, getting ready for this trip has entailed buying a lot of things I never would have imagined I would need. For those who don’t know me well, I don’t go outside, ever, especially in the winter. But now I am voluntarily going north of the Arctic Circle.

Here is a picture of me wearing clothing for the arctic:

According to my granddaughter, my legs look abnormally short here. I don’t know. I mean, my legs are short.

Below is a partial list of the things our contact in Russia sent us:

Snow mobile (yes! We will be traveling by snowmobile!) travelling in Nenets autonomous area outfit recommended

1. Thermal underwear;-wool or synthetic NOT cotton

2. fleece suit or sweater with a high collar covering the neck;

3. thermo-socks – 1-2 pairs; synthetic hiking tall type

4. conventional socks – 3 pairs;

5. Woolen socks – 1 pair;

6. Winter suit, made of dense fabric, preferably adapted for riding a snowmobile (the overalls should completely cover the back and chest, at the bottom of the leg rubber or fabric lining, which fits tightly the shoes, strengthening the material in the knee and seat area), the temperature suit comfort -35 degrees.

7. boots made of Eva material with a warm stocking (inner removable liner – three-layer removable liners can provide reliable thermal insulation and keep the temperature down to -50 degrees in dynamics); These are commonly called Pac-Boots brands like Kamik, Lacrosse or Sorel. Cabellas makes some too.

8. fleece gloves and moisture-windproof mittens;

9. The hat is warm, covering the ears;

10. balaclavas;

11. The scarf is warm;

12. tourist seat of several layers of PPE (foam polyethylene);

13. tourist mat (foam polyethylene – good thermal insulation, low water absorption, hygienic qualities), not less than 10 mm. thick;

14. sleeping bag (comfort -15 degrees) (We are going to spend a Christmas upkeep of nights in a traditional Nenets tent.)

15. tourist backpack or a bag with a volume not exceeding 100 liters;

16. Headlamp headlamp with spare battery pack;

17. sunglasses with a cover; Commonly called Glacier sunglasses. The side covers are important as light can leak in from the sides causing snow blindness which is essentially a sunburn of the retina and VERY painful. These will be darker than regular sunglasses and are VERY Important!

18. spare glasses or contact lenses if worn.

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