Arrival in Russia

April 1, 2018

We arrived in Moscow yesterday at about 3:30. It takes a long time to drive across Moscow, so it was about 5:00 before we got checked into our Hotel, the Peter 1, which is right downtown. We walked around for about an hour. We didn’t have time to do very much, but we saw a few things. Moscow is very big. The Greater Moscow area has around 17 million people. Near the airport Moscow is dreary and Soviet-looking, but downtown is in the Czarist-style and is beautiful. The Russians are big into heroic buildings and statues.

This is a pedestrian street near the hotel.

The Bolshoi Theater. That’s Apollo above the door.

We arrived in Naryan-Mar at 1:00 PM. We drove are around a little bit and had lunch with Yan.

Yan, Kelly, Toby and me at the airport.

A church in Naryan-Mar.


This is the view out my hotel room.

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