The Hayar Folk Ensemble

April 3, 3018

This day still wasn’t over! Did I mention there was also a raging snow storm that shut down the airport? And that this was the day we decided to walk everywhere?

After making dolls, we went for coffee and then to meet with the Hayar Folk Ensemble, who perform Nwenets’ dances and songs. We met in a chum and had tea and cookies. Tea, in the sense of a light snack late in the day, is popular here. Here is a video clip of Hayar singing:

The group asked us quite a few questions. We answered as best we could but later decided we had been a little disorganized, so we put together some notes to use the next time. They were very surprised to hear that the Samish consider gambling part of our culture. Apparently, they don’t gamble. So, Kelly told the Legend of Slahal. This was difficult for Toby because he had just drunk six cups of tea when she started, but they seemed to enjoy it.

Group picture:

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