Preparing for Expedition to Small Land Tundra II

April 5, 2018

Yesterday, Yan got our tundra suits.

  After lunch we went to the Museum of Local Lore. This is a museum specializing in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug. We had a guided tour from the museum historian.  It was interesting, but I am so tired I almost fell asleep standing up. I’m still jet lagged.

We were driven to the museum by a man that I later found out is a director of the Russian Chamber of Commerce And Industry. Apparently he is interested in our project also.

At dinner, we met the RussiaOne news team that is going in to be with us until Saturday. I’m a little nervous having a news crew with us. Apparently, there is a fair amount of interest in our project.

After dinner, Kelly, Toby, Irena ( interpreter) and I met with Alexandra, a young Nenets woman who we hope will be coming to Anacortes next summer, to talk about goals and  outcomes for our project . I think we are a little shaky on outcomes, but we did have a good discussion about the possibility of the Nenets craft items on the internet. We also talked about ways the Samish and Nenets could work together on projects in the future.

After that, went to finish packing the trip to the tundra.  I am very nervous because I don’t like to be cold, and I don’t know what to expect.  Also, we can only take a backpack or duffel up to 40 liters, which is a fairly small back pack.


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